Pamela Parson

June 14, 2023

Pamela Parson


To me, The Simple Farm is like a Secret Garden - a series of discoveries hidden in the midst of a very busy section of Scottsdale. Just a slip of a driveway, not far from the intersection with 101, leads you back to a different world. Flowers, vegetables, goats, dogs, honeybees, chickens, and most of all Lylah and Michael. They are the source of the magic, the beauty and the inspiration. Very modest and humble, they seek to serve in any way they can.

Lylah creates the most exquisite elixirs from the flowers she raises in abundance. A very beautiful woman physically, her gentleness, kindness and deep connection with the Divine radiate from her infusing her creations and blessing all her visitors.

Pastor Michael, is a passionate beam of light. A gifted musician he preaches through the piano at Sunday gatherings at the farm. He is author of some of the oldest and most beloved hymns. Deeply interested in anything one has to say, he is an experienced and wise sounding board when one needs advice or guidance.

They host various events at the farm a couple of times a year -  one is for everyone and one is just for ladies. They have a farm to table, sold out dinner in the spring and fall, featuring gifted chefs. Lylah hosts a ladies gathering around the same times of year. It is an opportunity for women to connect with others or stroll alone through the gardens, enjoy a cup of coffee and a pastry while visiting with others or having a private outdoor massage in the flower gardens.

My visits there have filled my heart. Each one is a treasure.

Pamela Parson

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