In The Gardens || A Seasonal Beauty & Wellness Gathering ~ Beauty Soi·rée

Our Beauty & Wellness Gatherings aka  Beauty Soi·rée are on a Thursday morning gathering in the gardens at our farm. Quiet strolling, journaling, sitting ~ experiencing nature, or perhaps gentle conversations about life rhythms, beauty and wellness or aging gracefully . . . from one woman to another simply unfolds.

You are invited to join me in the gardens at our farm for a lovely morning. Our Beauty Apothecary/Flower Room will be opened .Coffee and pastries are served. 

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The Simple Farm

Our ethereal and whimsical farm known as The Simple Farm is home to several special gardens and outdoor rooms; each one encompassing a different purpose and a meaningful experience.

In our Gathering Garden we gather with our community for moonlight, multi-course, fine-dining experiences prepared on our wood-fire ovens.

Our Flower Shack + Beauty Garden are blooming with healing botanicals, herbs and delicate plants as well as several outdoor private sitting rooms for a private, magical outdoor experience.

Tucked away in the middle of our farm next to the Flower Shack + The Beauty Garden and just north of the Gathering Garden, is our Apothecary ‚Äď the culmination and heartbeat of beauty, wellness and goodness at¬†The Simple Farm. The Apothecary shelves show off our farm-grown botanical serums, mask, oil cleanser and hibiscus tea. In this room you will experience the aroma from the joy of the season- yarrow, artemisia, lavender, & helichrysum‚Äď being hung to dry. You might see drying trays of roses, calendula, German Chamomile, nettle, mooring and other wild or farm grown skin medicine.¬†

Shop for your skincare products online and schedule a pickup at the Apothecary/Flower Room. Shipping is refunded. Shop our farmstead goat milk sea salt caramels online for a farm pickup.