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We are Michael and Lylah, the cultivators of The Simple Farm, a 501c3 non profit: creating and cultivating a culture on the farm for soul renovation.

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All projects support our mission which is:

creating a culture, on the farm, in which people reconnect with God, each other & nature

Recently, we had our third Farm School Morning with a little group of wide eyed pre-schoolers full of wonder, curiosity and delight. They watched the chickens play football with cherry tomatoes, picked an egg out of the hen box and watched the baby goats frolic around like they always do at this age. 
When Michael and I started The Simple Farm non profit - we knew our mission was to cultivate projects that would nurture and be soul-renovating for all ages - from littles to adults through various offerings and gatherings. We've been journaling those offerings here.
* If you'd like to help support these projects you can give to the farm's general fun
If you'd like to help support these projects you can give to the farm's general fund here.

We launched a recent project as a trial run:  Farm Preschool Morning with Mentors, Moms ( their Grandmas too) and the Little ones for a Farm Preschool morning.  

I can only imagine this project expanding and if you'd like to be a part of helping to support this - donating to the farm's General Fund would be an encouragement.