Friends of the Farm is a group of people, nationwide who give monthly to help fund the work of The Simple Farm. They
support our mission, which is to create a culture, on the farm, in which people reconnect with God, each other & nature through various workshops, spiritual formation classes and community gatherings such as seasonal farm dinners, and gatherings like the recent Christmas Caroling evening we hosted at the farm.

Many have joined our Friend of The Farm campaign with $25 bucks a month or more to help fund the projects.

We say Thank You to our $25 a month Friend of the Farm partners by:

All contributions, whether a one-time gift or from the growing group of $25 per month Friends of the Farm are 100% tax deductible and directly support our work and projects to expand this beautiful farm as a place of soul renovation.

The mission of our farm is a donation based non-profit. We have people who are able to give larger amounts, but most give small amounts like $10, $20 or $30 a month of which we are so thankful. Every gift is so appreciated.

Friends Only - Exclusive Newsletter

Friends receive a monthly newsletter highlighting stories from the farm and they:

  • Receive early access to our seasonal Moonlight Dinner reservations and our Family Farm Supper
  • Receive early access and a special invitation code (in your newsletter) for our farm's Sea Salt Caramels.
  • Receive early access to farm-based classes and gatherings (botanical beverages, floral design, sourdough bread making, art of cheese-making, tea blending, beauty & wellness gathering, how to milk a goat, bee keeping, and other basic life skill workshops. We'll also be offering a half day retreat for women - where we will be learning distillation as alchemy. We'll be harvesting and distilling roses and yarrow and experience together the beauty and magic of the distillation process. We'll have a farm style lunch together and each woman will go home with her own hydrosol mist.

This Friends Only newsletter is our way of saying THANK YOU for believing in us and our mission as we serve our community and beyond. Thank you for your consideration.

  • creating a culture for soul renovation


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