Delilah Becerra

June 01, 2023

Delilah Becerra

My name is Delilah Becerra and I am a local chef. I grew up in North Scottsdale, Arizona. I attended the Scottsdale Unified School District schools and finished trade school for Culinary Art at the Art Institute of Phoenix in 2007.  I owned multiple food businesses with my father throughout the state of Arizona. I continued as a local chef working with some of the valley’s most esteemed chefs. My love for this community went on to flourish into opening a non-profit called Culinary Love, a resource for all hospitality workers to seek wellness and betterment.


I met Lylah and Michael in the Spring of 2021. I was invited to The Simple Farm to assist in a multiple coursed dinner with my dear friend and colleague Adam Allison.  I continued to do more dinners and watched the property at The Simple Farm quickly evolve into a well desired location for Arizona chefs and all kinds of dinners and events. Lylah and Michael were kind enough to allow me to coordinate a fundraiser dinner for my own non-profit. The love and feeling I have at The Simple Farm when cooking is something that has brought me so much opportunity and happiness in my own craft.

Lylah and Michael’s dedication and care for the farm is impeccable. I have become close with them and their congregation. I am so happy to have met them. They have enriched my life in many times of sadness. They even spoke at my dear friend’s passing after battling cancer. I cannot express how much The Simple Farm has done for me and this community. We were able to raise money for our non-profit as well as host many other benefit dinners. I also have a very deep love for what this couple is doing not only in a revenue status but, wholeheartedly serving themselves. I feel like they are the grandparents I never had.

This letter’s purpose is to express the need for the continued support to keep The Simple Farm up and running to serve this community in so many beautiful ways.


Kind Regards,

Delilah Becerra

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