March 15, 2024




When I first joined Scottsdale Bible’s MOMS, I was a young, first-time mom. I had no idea what I was getting into, I just knew I needed a community of moms. Women who were going through the exact same season of life as me. I’ll tell you, my first months of being a mom - yikes. I was dealing with a minor case of PPD (it wasn’t talked about much then), a new body, responsibility of another human life, and loneliness.

God was truly at work when he sat me at Mary Beth’s table. I had initially signed up for the wrong group and was put on the waitlist for MOMs. By the grace of God, Mary Beth agreed to take on the waitlisters and that’s how our table was formed. Little did I know that Mary Beth would change my life. We learned we had many connections. I attended Baylor university where Grant and Alicia were in attendance and my MIL taught both Alicia and Grant. Small, small world.

When I first joined MOMs, I was very immature in my relationship with Jesus. I had only ever opened a Bible because of religious classes. I never voluntarily opened the Bible to read it. Through the years of trials and triumphs and with Mary Beth’s guidance, I have matured my relationship with the Lord. I yearn to read my Bible. I love praying and listening to the Lord speak into my life. I’ve seen him work so many miracles in my life and answer so many of my prayers.

I want everyone to have a Mary Beth. She is one of the most Godly, kind, honest, and loving women I have ever met. She is like a mother to us. I think you by women should have a Mary Beth in their lives because she is like a trusted friend and mom. I can talk to her about things that I may not want to talk to my own mother about, but I seek motherly advice. One time my husband and I were having a serious argument and I didn’t want to talk to my mom about it. I didn’t want someone who would just take my side and I didn’t want to speak ill about my husband to my mom. But I really needed advice on the situation. I turned to MB. She sat me down and prayed with me. She helped me to look at how I may have contributed to the argument and how I can be a better wife so in turn my marriage strengthens. She gave me Bible verses to help me speak when in doubt and to speak love into our marriage.

I think it’s important for all young women and especially young moms to have a mom that has experienced more life than us, an older and wiser, woman. I believe in allowing yourself to have someone like MB invest in you and your family. Motherhood is a gift, but it’s a gift that isn’t easy to do alone. There are struggles and as young women we need to allow ourselves to be open a d vulnerable with a safe crowd to share our downfalls and successes. An older mentor has walked in our shoes, they can help us take on some of our burdens, and pray with us through it.

Mary Beth always says we have blessed her. She loves our babies like they are her own grand babies and treats us each like daughters. I love her sound and honest wisdom. She holds me accountable where I need and gives me counseling. She’s a best friend and a mother. I’m so thankful I sat at her table 5 years ago. The community of women she has surrounded herself with and shared with me makes me feel blessed. I know I can do the hardships of life with her and this community by my side. God wants us to seek and have community. It takes a village to raise kids and I’m thankful for mine.