About Us

Our Sea Salt Caramels

Since 2014, we've been the source of the best sea salt caramels in the country. What's made them different? Using fresh goats milk, tapioca syrup, organic butter, sugar, cream and lots of love. 

Claire, Our Sourdough Starter

There is nothing so soul centering as making sourdough bread from your home kitchen. Claire, our starter comes with all the instructions - easy ones - and you will receive a sample packet of our Garden Tea. 

Our Story

In the middle of Scottsdale suburbia, just past freeways and busy shops, you'll find a little 3-acre farm with a few Nubian dairy goats, garden beds, fruit trees, a long wooden table under an arbor and close by beautiful wood fire ovens (for farm to table community and corporate dinners). This little farm, known as The Simple Farm is Scottsdale's only farm, which is a local favorite of The Washington Post. Read more.

It's a place where two boomers (Michael and Lylah Ledner) with very intentional ideas about food and family took a 3 acre weed-choked land and turned it into a sanctuary and refuge from the hustle-bustle of the city.

The Simple Farm is home of the 2014 Good Food Award Sea Salt Caramels. The Ledners placed in the top 5% of 1400 small food producers to win the finalist award for the very popular sea salt caramels made with fresh goats milk.

The Simple Farm hosts seasonal farm to table dinners and is also the home of Lylah Ledner Skincare, a collection of natural, green beauty skin care products.