Tina Unthank

June 19, 2023

Tina Unthank

The Simple Farm

It was 2014 and I had spent the previous two years searching, seeking, praying and pleading with God. The time had come I knew I needed go and find an actual church.

I found a Baptist church online. I had been raised in a Baptist church and went to what I knew. I ventured out one Sunday and sat at that church. It was lovely, but not very personal.
But, even so, the following Sunday, I headed back, knowing that I needed what church provides. I felt like I needed to try again.

As I pulled down the street where the church was, and began to pull into the parking lot, a quiet voice inside my head, and my heart told me to keep going, and I didn’t pull in. Instead I headed east.
I remembered that someone had spoken of a church over by a little farm on Cactus Rd.

Something in my heart told me to head in that direction and see what I could find.

As I drove up to the gate where remembered the farm had been, I saw the farm, but I didn’t see a church and wondered if I was in the right place. I pulled down the driveway.
I could see people milling around a small building in the center of a courtyard. I decided to park and get out.
It was then that Mrs. Lylah shouted out to me. “Can I help you?”
I asked if there was a church there, to which she replied “yes in a little while, but it might just be you and me.” Those words were like medicine to my then aching heart. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I gathered my things and headed towards the kind woman, whom at that moment had became a beacon of hope in what had been tumultuous time in my life.

As I approached, Mrs Lylah greeted me with a gentleness and strength that I would soon learn was her blessing and gift to those around her.

That day was the day my prayers for help and guidance had been answered.

As I sat in church I remember feeling like I had found something wonderful. I don’t remember everything Pastor Michael said that day, but one thing I will alway remember was him explains the importance of a church family. He compared it to a safety net to prevent you from falling into the world. A safety net to help you stay close to God and his promises.

And much to my delight, there was food afterward. ( a very Baptist thing, haha)

The weekly messages and breaking of bread with God’s people began to heal my heart, my mind and my spirit.

The Simple Farm is a blessing to me and my family.

Thank you Mrs Lylah and Pastor Michael

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