Rachel Miller

June 01, 2023

Rachel Miller

I first met Lylah through social media, and was soon extended an invitation to have coffee and milk goats. I brought a cinnamon raisin loaf, and was treated to a wonderful morning of learning, garden immersion and new friendship. That new friendship continued, and as a pastry chef, I was invited to be apart of The Simple Farm market days. I loved being apart of these mornings. Setting up in a beautiful garden, getting to chat with people at all stages of searching for better food, and all the workings of the farm as a backdrop, it hardly felt like I was working. I’ve taught a pastry class at The Simple Farm, and talk about an ideal setting to get to teach others to bake pies.

Lylah draws beauty to her, and you can not help but be inspired by her and all she creates. Together Michael and Lylah are everything I hope to be - wonderful parents, giving and loving friends, community builders. Everyone who comes to The Simple Farm is touched by their joy, zest for life, and loving nature.

When I became the chapter leader for Weston A. Price Foundation here in Phoenix, the first thing Lylah said to me was, “how can I support you?” And that to me, is the embodiment of what Lylah, Michael and The Simple Farm stands for.


Rachel Ellrich Miller, Pastry Chef & Owner

Pistol Whipped Pastry

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