Laura Koch

June 14, 2023

Laura Koch

I truly believe nothing is a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. People meet people, events that happen.

This is where Lylah, Michael, Winnie & her Sweet Ladies come in. It all boils down to the sweet, loving moments never to be forgotten or taken for granted.

The weekly farm gatherings.

The talks, hugs, & sometimes tears over Michael's coffee. (the best)

The comfort of small community. (support)

Building friendships & family.

(All of the people I have met & become friends with) 

Watching our husbands build those tables for farm dinners that bring people together (community)

Watching them counsel one another.

Having trust of Lylah (& Winnie) to be able to be part of her birthing (goats) team. One of the most healing & rewarding experiences of my life).

Having support during a time of great need & being gifted one of the sweetest days of our lives.

Lylah & Michael with their Simple (not so simple) Farm has had an impact on so many of our lives. Especially our family.

Thank You. We Love You, & we are blessed even more to have you in our lives.

Thank You for your gifts.

Love & Blessings, The Kochs

Laura Koch - owner/baker

Picketfence Pastries

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