Bryon Freeze

June 01, 2023

Bryon Freeze

I wanted to write you in regards to your request for how the Simple Farm has impacted me.

You were gracious enough to open your farm up to myself, and six other Chefs in the Valley.  We hosted a 7 course dinner to raise money for a charity called Culinary Love.  Culinary Love focuses on providing resources to hospitality workers battling substance abuse, or mental health issues.  After covering costs of the event, we were able to raise over to $1500 for charity.

You’ve also welcomed me to the farm on other occasions to harvest eggs, meet goats, and learn more about how our food is grown.

The Simple Farm does a fantastic job of building community, and educating the public on farming.  It is such an important resource tucked away in the concrete jungle that is Phoenix.

While I don’t want to speak for others, I know that I’m not the only person that has had profound experiences at the Simple Farm.  I’ve also been able to participate at other events helping Chefs, and I know that the farm serves as a great break from the daily grind of regular kitchens.

If you don’t hear this enough, many thanks to you and Michael for holding space for Chefs to create, and build community.

Hopefully this message helps.  Please let me know if I can contribute additionally.

Thank you,

Bryon Freeze

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