December 22, 2023


creating a culture for soul renovation - reconnecting with God, people and nature on a farm setting
 2023 has been a wonderful year - meeting so many beautiful souls from the community and across the country
Beautiful Stories began to arrive from those giving voice to what The Simple Farm has meant to them over the years.

Classes/Workshops Held This Year:

  1. The Art of Cheesemaking Workshop
  2. There has been lots of sourdough bread making along with teaching 30 + women (some with their daughters) how to make sourdough bread
  3. Garden Time Two Times Per Month Women's Conversations/Reading through Practicing The Presence of People
  4. Men's Small Group -  Conversations/Reading through Practicing The Presence of People
  5. Bee Keeping Workshop - with15 in attendance
  6. A beautiful 9 month Farm Internship Completed With Two High School Girls - One Story here. Another Story here
  7. We taught young people how to milk a goat. 
  8. We provided opportunities for junior high students to do their community service projects at the farm.
  9. Family Farm Sunday to Meet the New Baby Goats & Photos with about 50 adults and children in attendance.
  10. Homeschooling Farm Mornings - continuing to develop
  11. Homeschool Farm Chores Morning - about 25 moms/children in attendance. 
  12. Baby Goats Training - learning to be led - accomplished by small homeschool group. Life lessons learned in the process. 4 young girls were taught. 


September 24th - CYT - Community Service Project - Supporting the Farm. 

Michael, a composer/song writer, began teaching the CYT, (Christian Youth Theatre) the heart of worship through music and songwriting.

October 14th - Moonlight Farm Dinner with Chef Adam (a fund raiser)

November 1, 2023 - Family Supper Night at the Farm - with Brightside Burger Food Truck (a fund raiser) 4:30 - 6:30 pm. 

December 21, 2023 - An absolutely glorious evening Christmas Caroling at the farm with about 70 + guests gathered for hot chocolate, cookies and of course the children visited the farm animals. Every guest received a complementary package of our sea salt caramels.

Blog Posts/Writings: These Are the Glory Days, Sabbath, The Art of Journaling & The Lord Really Delights in You

Baby Goats were born in February, March & April. We kept 2 doelings - Polly Grace and Pearl.

Our Crowd-funded 501c3 was accepted by IRS the beginning of the year and many people saw the vision, and have chose to partner with us as a Friend of The Farm