August 08, 2023


As we move through the final month of summer and into the beautiful fall season I didn't want any more time to slip by before I let you know what we've been up to, the baby goats born this year, and an update on us, the farm, and the future (farm dinners, caramels, gatherings).



First, it’s been a beautiful season for us ( six baby goats born this past spring - four went to new homes and we retained Hazel's two sweet girls: Polly Grace & Pearl and also after a long process, we took a leap and have transitioned The Simple Farm into a nonprofit 501C3.  

Polly Grace

So, now the entire farm (goats, chickens, gardens) and the TSF projects to create a culture for soul renovation through Spiritual Formation PracticesClasses and Gatherings, and our seasonal Community Feasts are supported and made possible by you and others like you who have a heart to partner and give. 

With this transition, many have asked how they can partner with us to support these projects and so we launched the “Friend of the Farm” campaign. You can learn the various benefits of becoming a “Friend of the Farm” here at this link… and for those of you who join us at our seasonal starlight feasts is the opportunity for “early access” to purchase tickets for your reservations at our Moonlight Dinner coming this October 14, 2023.

Many have been asking for an update on another farm favorite . . . our Sea Salt Caramels!


Great news! Yes… production will begin again in early September and we’ll be opening the online Caramel Shop most likely the second week and first to our “Friends of the Farm” partners. Currently our intent is to cook two kettles of caramels - once a month - the beginning of the month. That means about 220 packages of caramels will be available for the month. These are so popular that it’s possible they won’t make it to the public for sale. 

Read more here about other first exclusive benefits to being a “Friend of the Farm.” And, if you have any questions, please fell free to leave them in the chat below. 

 xx Lylah