September 18, 2023


When we hear the word terroir perhaps, we might limit our thinking to that of vineyards and of winemaking. We've heard how a "vineyards soil and climate contribute greatly to a wine's flavor and we understand this is true, and that a "combination of factors including soil, climate, and sunlight gives those wine grapes their distinctive character. " This is also true for the powerful botanicals we grow.  The beauty and efficacy of our products begins with the complex layers of the earth and ecosystem at our farm.

As gardeners, we understand how the layers of organisms – both dead and living, the minerals, air, water and sunlight impact and are a necessary components of why our botanicals provide such rich beauty to our products.


The health and nutritional value of the whole plants we grow will only be as healthy as the soil condition we’ve cultivated and nurtured. As a gardener, I know that cultivating and nurturing beautiful, healthy soil takes time and layers of nature.

Our goats and chickens play an unexpected yet important role even in the creation of our farm curated skincare. We layer/compost, the broken down byproducts from our goats and chicken to nourish our soil and keep it flourishing. This beautiful soil then aids in the natural growth of our botanicals used to formulate the various skincare products formulated with botanicals grown at the farm.