December 16, 2022


I suppose my love of English gardens stems from the sense of 'informal and generous planting with a formal layout' garden design according to the delightfully rich book The English Garden by Ursula Buchan. 

The gardens I tend to create - are like an English country garden - that organically unfold becoming layers of whimisical color that are intended to be inspirational, at the same time providing a sense of spiritual refreshment.  

Having learned how to create microclimates has helped being able to add flowers and herbs that might otherwise not grow in our desert climate. 

Flowers like roses, lavender, calendula, yarrow, German chamomile, Rose geranium, hibiscus are the mainstay of color and beauty in the gardens. I've specifically chosen flowers in the gardens that are used in the Bespoke Collection.

Garden gates, wine barrels, raised beds, fruit trees, stock tanks used as water features. height, texture, pockets of color, mass planting, all lend themselves to the components of our beauty farms English Gardens.