Roses are one of the most ancient flowers. Their beauty draws us, calms us, and inhaling its beauty and aroma is the calm that soothes our souls.

Our Beauty Farm's (The Simple Farm) exquisite, organically grown damask garden roses - cultivated, loved, nurtured, and at the right moment - in their season of fragrant bloom - will be gathered, taken to the farm's flower distillery, known as The Sanctuary, where the culmination of our slow beauty process begins - to create our signature small-batch Vintage Rose Hydrosol.

While our damask rose garden grows, we will fill our bottles with Rose Hydrosol sourced from a beautiful organic farm in the PNW. Each bottle of Rose Hydrosol is in a beautiful hand-painted 100 ML violet bottle.


Both the heart/soul and the skin benefit from our Vintage Rose Hydrosol. First, the skin benefits because of the really good anti-inflammatory properties of the rose. These properties make it a good choice when you have inflamed skin.

Rose is cooling, so it reduces inflammation and cools the skin down. If you have redness in your skin such as sunburn, acne, eczema or psoriasis patches - mist Vintage Rose Hydrosol. Vintage Rose Hydrosol, like many other plants we grow, has anti-bacterial properties that help fight skin infections - like acne.  

 Rose Hydrosol is soothing for hot flashes - place your bottle in the refrigerator and when having a hot flash, spray a little bit on the back of your neck. 

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