For years, Cricket, my passionate beekeeper friend, has worked with us (and many other valley bee lovers) - setting up bee hives, teaching the (in training) beekeepers, replacing queens, relocating Africanized hives, along with helping maintain our farm's hives. 

Cricket's love of bees is infectious. 

There is a growing interest in beekeeping and so we have a morning class scheduled with Cricket of Garden Variety Bees for a Thursday in February 2024. You'll learn all about the beautiful, wonderfully complex world of bees and what it takes to keep honeybees in Arizona.

In this class, you'll learn all about how a colony of honeybees works and how you can play a part in managing them.

This is the perfect introductory class to help you understand what it takes to keep bees in Arizona for honey and pollination. You will also learn: 

1. Honeybee Biology and Behavior
2. Managing pests and diseases
3. Beekeeping schedule and seasonal tasks.
4. Beekeeping equipment you’ll need to get started.
5. How to purchase bees
6. Where to place a beehive on your property, and what else is needed for their care.

We will not be opening a beehive but can observe one in action.

You'll receive the address of the farm as confirmation of your ticket. 

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