Photographers + Videoographers

We’re delighted when photographers + videographers discover our charming farm (Scottsdale suburbs) with all its little vignettes for a special photography session with their clients.

To schedule a shoot time or to do a little farm visit for your shoot -connect with us here. Give your name and date/time preferred and about how many in your party. We will respond and let you know if that date is available along with any details you'll need.

We encourage photographers to our farm to do a little visit to check on lighting and to be inspired by the different garden spaces. It’s important to us that your shoot goes well and that you love the gardens.

The farm site fee is $90 per hour. Connect with us here to schedule a date. 

Generally, most photographers find that the one hour segment of time is perfect for taking the necessary pictures.

Here are just a few photographers who use The Simple Farm

Patchwork Photography

Jen Wilbur of Bluestitch Photography

Love Designed Life - Maternity Shoot


What a Day Weddings