Coming for Dinner At The Farm

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Our farm dinners are thoughtfully crafted by Chef Adam Allison to provide a unique experience whether it is your first time stepping into our secret garden or a fortunate return.

In order to best preserve the magic of our evening we will open the farm gates at 5:30 and our parking attendant will direct you for parking. **If at all possible to carpool that will help any possible congestion. 

You will be guided to our Gathering Garden Gate where Michael + I will welcome you. Then, you’ll walk through the grape fine arbor and on the other side be greeted by Dom who will offer you your welcome cocktail.

All The Chef’s Tables guests will be directed to their special seating which is directly in front of the wood-fire ovens - black & white checked linens.


**Arriving at 5:30 gives plenty of time to meander, find the farm's restroom facilities and enjoy your cocktail. 

9080 E. Cactus Rd. 

Located ON Cactus - just EAST of the 101 and just east of the light at 90th street - on the NORTH side of the street - sandwiched in between 2 housing division. 

Lylah’s contact: 480.206.7821       Michael’s contact: 480.203.9189

 Our evening will conclude around 9:30 PM

** our farmstead sea salt goat milk caramels will be available in the farm's Apothecary.


Dress Code is Casual - HOWEVER, we are suggesting that you wear long pants/long sleeved shirt - and close toed shoes. As you might know, the valley has a mosquito issue. Bring any spray that works for you to use - we find that tea tree oil can work too. We will have citronella candles lit. 



Chef Adam's Working Menu for the Moonlight Dinner 10.16.21

1st - Poached pear, house made nutmeg ricotta, pistachio, sunchoke purée, fig and rosemary syrup, grilled sourdough, arugula

2nd - Grilled asparagus, poached simple farm egg, shaved truffle, pecorino, balsamic, rye bread crumb

3rd - Wood fired Nelson’s Tasmanian Ocean trout, kabocha squash barley risotto, apple and fennel salad, citrus ginger chimichurri

4th - Duck confit pot pie, fall root vegetables and potatoes, saffron sauce, duck fat biscuit

5th - Warm tres leches molasses cake, walnut toffee, aerated white chocolate mousse, grilled and dehydrated banana

Smoking is not allowed at the farm.

 Have a question?

Email us at OR call at 480.206.7821