• Life at the farm.

    Changes made, new directions.

Why are we no longer open to the public? We made a choice shift our focus to our gatherings + dinners, Lylah Ledner Skincare (our our natural skincare company) and of course to make lots of yummy sea salt caramels.

For years we opened our farm and home to the public for a weekly Thursday morning farmer's market. If you recall, we had baskets full of the most beautiful fresh organic vegetables, herbs and flowers. Michael would make his special coffee and we provided those incredible local pastries were available too.

 Those were wonderful community building days and we miss so many faces. At times we’d have up to 200 men, women and children strolling around the farm, seeing the chickens, new baby goats and enjoying the sanctuary of beauty we’d worked hard to create and so delighted to share for others to experience. 

And, then there was a new moment of inspiration from the beauty of our farm. We began to see the nutritional value of the herbs and flowers we’d been growing and that there was so much benefit they had for the health of skin. With that inspiration, it just made sense, to start a natural, farm to face skincare company.

 Closing the farm to the public was a hard decision, but necessary, as we knew the shift would require all our time and energies.

  • Using wild beauty from the farm and crafting bespoke skincare that is a boon for all skin concerns - but especially for mature skin. 

    Lylah's Bespoke Collection

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