History of The Simple Farm


 I'll never forget the day Scott Craven of the AZ Republic called me for an interview about our farm . . . and then the story landed on Sunday's Living Section in a 3 page color spread. 


Did you know that for years (back in 2012) we opened our farm to the public for a weekly, Thursday morning market?  Sometimes upward of 100+ folks would walk through our farm gates and shop our organically grown farmer's market. Most valued cooking and preparing home meals with farm grown, local vegetables and herbs. Some just needed to come to a desert oasis, sit under the shade, drink coffee and enjoy a pastry - a way to be inspired and dream. 


Our heirloom tomatoes were always cherished.

 My favorite - French Breakfast radish.

My mantra then and my mantra now.

Our farm larder was filled with the seasons harvest & beauty: organic vegetables, herbs, flowers and our sea salt caramels. It was pure joy to see baskets filled - knowing that the fruit of our labor would be a blessing to someones meal table. 

The Farm Larder

Connecting to our community through the table, beautiful food and health has always been important to us. 

Closing the farm to the public was a difficult, yet necessary decision. The interest (back then): how to grow food, prepare meals for your family, canning,  goat keeping, chicken keeping was pretty huge. We held weekly classes on many topics that included those basic life skills. 

We know that everything runs its seasons and sometimes it's hard to stop something that seems so good and healthy. . . but for us, as we look back we know that decision was a necessary one. We needed to regroup - make a shift for our family and follow our heart to community in a different way.  

What has unfolded is the beauty of our community connection through our farm's Wellness Apothecary, our farm grown skincare and to a bigger table - with you and dinner at our farm. 

We are grateful for the local culinary scene and feel honored to connect around our farm's tables with some of the valley’s award-winning chefs.


Wood Fired Pizza Ovens - Central to our Farm Dinners

Our pivotal shift was to partner with local chefs for our farm dinners which created shifts in the Gathering Garden. We added a few new arbors, Michael along with a good friend built 8 beautiful tables, the wood fire pizza ovens took center stage and the outdoor kitchen became more functional.  

It is the place where we gather with you, our AZ community for moonlight, multi-course, fine-dining experiences prepared on our wood-fire ovens by some of the valley's amazing local chefs

  The Washington Post - "The Simple Farm - buried treasure, a local fave." 

Wellness Apothecary

Our Apothecary will be open during all moonlight dinners and beauty & wellness gatherings. During those times, our bespoke skin care products and sea salt caramels will be available for purchase. 

Chopped Chef May 2021 Dinner

Please join us on Saturday, October 16, as we welcome Food Network Chopped Champion Adam Allison for a special multi-course, fine-dining experience under the stars. Chef Adam will be gifting each guest seated at The Chef’s Table with a signed copy of Phoenix Cooks along with some special surprises.

Phoenix Cooks by Christina Barrueta

Feel free to order online and pick up your skincare products or caramels in the Apothecary. Shipping is refunded. 

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