Spring 2023 - TBA


I look forward to opening my home and farmhouse kitchen for an intimate group to experience the joy and simplicity of making beautiful sourdough bread.

This workshop starts fright from the beginning of the process. I'll share my personal simple steps for basic beginners sourdough. I'll take you through the process.

This workshop will be held in my farmhouse kitchen and it starts right from the beginning of the process with the simple steps I use to make my sourdough. You'll experience the process from start to finish.

There's nothing like a fresh round of home made sourdough bread. , good bread in the oven making the whole house smell delicious. This class will teach you bread making basics and you'll do a hands-on to make your own bread to take home and finish off! Besides how fun is it to make bread together?

This workshop is 2+ hours and has limited seating of 7.


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