May 06, 2023


O’ blissful life of sweet contentment

No longer driven, now: directed; 

No more striving, no more resentment

Grateful, calm and fully connected

To Him with Whom my heart is aligned

My Jesus, Savior, Lord and King,

And now at peace, my soul is resigned

To learn contentment in everything

Take note - I said that I am learning

I have not quite mastered this

Yet, I do find myself returning

To this state of peaceful bliss

So much adventure in this peace

The soul sees clearly when at rest

Yes, signs and wonders never cease

To follow those who pass this test:

To turn from that which allures me

As flesh cries out, “I need more stuff!”

I turn to Him, He reassures me,

“I am with you - I am enough!”

To know this life of joyous splendor

Answer now His beck and call:

Live a life of sweet surrender 

Join Him in His love for all.

And then contentment you will find

Where’er you go and in everything,

With joy and peace and a sound mind

The world: your oyster; you: a king.

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