Chef Adam Allison

June 13, 2023

Chef Adam Allison

It is almost impossible to put on paper what The Simple Farm means to me, because what it means to me is so deep it will never translate on paper.  I met Lylah and Michael about 6 years ago when I was the chef at an event that they had there. The minute I met them them they were the most welcoming and warm couple I have ever met. They showed me around their beautiful farm, all the wonderful vegetables, fruits and herbs. The different spots with intentional purposes. THE CARAMELS!!  The animals, chickens, goats, whom you could tell they truly loved and care for. The best part of it all was that that it was their home.  That they welcomed people into their home and let them experience the glory they get to experience every day… and they were welcoming about it. You feel as if the farm isn’t just theirs, its OURS. 

I’ve now done about 8 dinners/events at the farm. They have a beautiful set up with two beautiful wood burning ovens. A long family table where we feed anywhere from 60 to 100 people at each dinner. These dinners have now become a sought after experience. People fly in from other states to attend. I receive messages and emails asking when the next one will be. These dinners are once in a lifetime experiences for people.  These dinners could not happen ANY WHERE ELSE. There is such an energy at the farm that feels like a warm blanket is wrapped around you and everything outside of these walls in the world don’t matter for that time.

I lost my long time girlfriend of 11 years to cancer last year. Of all the support I received Michael and Lylah were the at the top of support I got. They called and messaged me daily. I remember breaking down in a Target parking lot because the last time I was at that Target I was buying my Nicole some pajamas and sweat pants because I didn’t know how else to make her comfortable. Michael called me and gave me prayer and comfort. 

The last dinner Nicole went to of mine was at the farm. I have a wonderful bitter sweet memory of her getting up being helped by two chef friends of mine and her smiling at me. It is a memory I will have for the rest of my life. For a moment here on the farm we had comfort and happiness. Ive enclosed a photo of that exact moment and, like I said previously, for a moment we weren’t worried about what was going on in the outside world. We were in the moment that the farm offered us, and I will never forget that. 

The last dinner I did there was very special because it was a wedding for their grand daughter. I was honored to have been chosen to cook for them. It was very special to meet and be welcomed into their family.
That is what the farm is. Its more than just a place or people or plants or goats. Its family, its comfort, it is LOVE.

Chef Adam Allison

Food Network Chopped Winner

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