Golden Drops

February 05, 2019

My skin care studio + formulating lab has become a little sanctuary for me. There are white boards on every available wall and for the past year or more I have been immersed in studying all about carrier oils, various botanicals and essential oils and the various roles and benefits they have for skin care. I am completely over the moon with what the possibilities are for skin care - to restore, heal, help with skin issues, etc. Selfishly, everything I have been working on, has been for me personally. I figured (having mature skin (aka dry), fine lines, some deep pores, reactionary skin, etc.) that if I created a concoction for me, to take care of issues I have, that it’d be really good for other women as well.

With all this….let me introduce you to Luna….the first of three products I am very thrilled with. I LOVE Luna! It’s a truly wonderful night time oil cleanser that will be available as soon as our labels are back. I wanted an oil cleanser to be more than just an oil cleanser for make up. I wanted my night time skin ritual to include a luxurious treat and to be nourishing for my skin. Luna is that and so much more.

Luna contains Tamanu oil, which is composed of phospholipids + glycolipids, natural elements of healthy skin which are known to protect the skin’s moisture barrier. I included our farm’s Calendula oil flower infusion along with Camellia oil- one of the best kept secrets of skin care. It protects the skin against external environmental elements, reduces the appearance of mature skin and gives a refreshed look to the complexion. Of course, Luna is also packed with other nourishing ingredients like Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Frankincense, and Jasmine.



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