December 16, 2022


Basic Goat Keeping 101 - Spring - 2024 - TBA
Next spring, I'll be hosting my Basic Goat Keeping 101 Workshop geared toward the "citified" who are thinking about having goats. 

The workshop will be limited in numbers. 
You'll be greeted, receive your Basic Goat Keeping 101 notebook and after being served morning tea or coffee we'll gather together for awhile and while sipping your tea/coffee we'll sit in the Goat "monastery" with our Evelyn, Eloise & Hope, Polly Grace & Pearl


Next, we'll move to a garden, you'll be served lunch and I'll share everything I know about raising and caring for goats, we'll talk about fencing, feed, breeding and kidding. I'll share how I raise them along with my personal herd management philosophy - what I do and why. It will be a lovely time, and I look forward to being with you.

Be on the watch for registration January 2024.  
XX Lylah


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