February 22, 2023


I love baking bread. It’s a simple domestic art where the cadence and tactile connection from the dough to the first hot slice of fresh baked bread right from the oven is life giving. I'm so passionate about women learning to make sourdough.

During fall 2022, I had about 30 women - mothers and daughters sit with me in a garden and in my kitchen and learn the simple art of making beautiful sourdough bread. 

This rhythm takes me back to a time where life was slow. This magical experience connects me to so many women who’ve gone before me – and routinely did the things I’m doing now. Baking bread opens the door for me to step into a needed slow living experience where my senses engage with every part from feeding the culture, watching her visibly bubble and rise, to measuring the four, working culture, water and salt into the bread bowl.

Claire, your starter from our farm, is active culture. I keep Claire on my kitchen prep table in a Weck jar with the lid set loosely on top. I do this because I make bread several times a week. Claire, your starter is an active culture, she needs to be fed. I choose to keep her going rather than place her in the refrigerator should I not want to make bread, pancakes.

A little backdrop…Sourdough starter is one of the oldest methods of fermentation. It’s healthy and a great way to enjoy bread. Some starters get passed down for generations. There are health benefits to make and eat sourdough bread.

For me, it’s an act of worship. It calms and centers me. It’s a time to commune with God and pray for others.

So, let’s get started. Here are the tools you’ll need:
A one-quart mason glass jar with lid. I use
Weck Jars. Measuring spoons. Measuring cups.
A roll of parchment paper.
Claire, your dehydrated sourdough starter.
Room temperature water. **Use happy/filtered water
(not city water). Chlorine kills Claire.


Claire is happiest when temperatures are not too hot and not too cold. Claire doesn’t like to starve – once she comes to life – you’ll feed her for sure ONCE a day. Sometimes I feed Claire 2x a day – morning around 7 am (right before farm chores) and late afternoon around 4 pm (right before dinner prep and farm chores). Bringing life to Claire is an easy 4-day process. The step by step instructions are in your package of Claire. She can be purchased in our online SHOP.

Warmly, Lylah

PS: Want to learn to make bread? Let's connect.

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