July 30, 2023


Beauty & Wellness Gathering 
In the beauty of the farm through a quiet experience of observing nature, a time of spiritual renewal - to reconnect to God, nature and others. This date is set apart for you - to gather in the gardens - a time for you to just be present - to relax, enjoy tea or coffee, morning pastry and soak up the garden beauty. 
Date: November TBA

Beauty & Wellness Gathering ... a soirée for women - is a gathering in the gardens at our farm - a time to just be present, relax and soak up the garden beauty - to journal, read, pray or connect with a friend.

You’ll enjoy finding a quiet garden nook to sit, sip coffee, enjoy morning pastry and experience all the garden beauty. We invite you to reconnect to God - in the beauty of the farm. 

8:30 AM - Breakfast Pastries, Coffee from Royal Coffee Bar AZ & Garden Tea along with our farm's Sea Salt Caramels will be available in the Apothecary. 

Morning pastries will be served by Picket Fence Pastries  

A percentage of all fees go directly to the preservation of the farm and the Spiritual Formation Projects. Thank you.

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Denisemarie Stefanisin
Denisemarie Stefanisin

August 20, 2023

Can’t wait for you to reveal the November date! Attended this event a few years ago and have been hoping you’d schedule another one!

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