The Benefits of Activated Charcoal in Soap

February 05, 2019

The Benefits of Activated Charcoal in Soap

When we began Lylah Ledner Skincare our goal was to formulate a non-toxic collection of skin beneficial goat milk cleansers for the face. It was important that our basic cleansers be gentle but provide benefits besides just cleansing. 

Central to three of our face bars is goats milk which is naturally moisturizing and naturally contains AHA—alpha hydroxy acid. 

I am not sure how people take time to read the ingredients of the skincare products they use but I always encourage everyone to read the ingredient list of whatever they are choosing to put on their skin. There are so many toxins in skincare products that would surprise you.

I do like to read the ingredients of cleaning products from other natural skincare companies. Lately, I have noticed the addition of alpha hydroxyl acids.  One company, in particular, is a natural skincare company whose face cleansers are in the mid $100 range.

The beauty of using goats milk as central to the ingredients is that there is no need to find another source for AHA. It is natural.

What is AHA? AHA acts as an exfoliate that helps break down dead skin cells.  When dead skin cells slough off – and our milk cleansing bar that has activated charcoal helps takes that detoxification to a little deeper level. The reason you want that top layer to gently slough off is so that any other plant nutrient serums you use will be absorbed. 

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