What Makes Our Caramels Award Winning? Good Foods Finalist 2014. Caramel Shop is Here.

We source the best organic ingredients we can find.  Because we do NOT use preservatives or fillers, our caramels have a shelf life of 5-6 weeks from the date they are made.  We use fresh goats milk (pasteurized), rich cow cream, butter, sugar,  tapioca syrup, bourbon vanilla extract and French sea salt. **GMO - Free**Allergens: Goat Milk, Cow Cream

Add some love and you have one good award winning caramel.

Our caramels are made in small batches in a caramel kettle and when the perfect temperature is reached, the caramel is poured into trays and left to cool.   Each piece is gently wrapped in old fashioned wax paper and then packaged for our wholesale and retail customers.