What Makes Our Caramels Award Winning? Good Foods Finalist 2014. Caramel Shop is Here.



Every ingredient we use to make our caramels award winning is organic. We source the best organic ingredients we can find.  Because we do NOT use preservatives or fillers, our caramels have a shelf life of 5-6 weeks from the date they are made.  We use fresh goats milk, rich cream, butter, sugar, organic tapioca syrup, organic bourbon vanilla extract and sea salt.

Add some love and you have one good award winning caramel.

We cook our caramel in small batches in a caramel kettle. When the perfect temperature is reached, the caramel is poured into trays and left to cool.   Each piece is gently wrapped in old fashioned wax paper and then packaged for our wholesale and retail customers.

All orders are on a first come first serve basis and because our caramels are made fresh to order, we keep very few packages on hand.


People ask,"What makes your caramels award winning?"

The answer?   Love and care for the girls.

Good caramels start with a love for the animals that provide the most important ingredient: milk and in our case - fresh goats milk.

Our goats are loved, cared for and appreciated. Each of our girls knows their names. They respond to our voices and the love we give them.

We feed them THE best nutrition and often from the fruit of our farm: pomegranate, sunflowers, pea pods, citrus, mint, mulberry, apples, figs and moringa and mesquite along with mesquite pods - all in their season. Our girls also love our acacia trees.

Our farm goal is to provide as much natural foraging and to grow as much as possible (except alfalfa/oats/barley) as possible for our hard working girls.

Our other farm goal is to buy land/home and expand establish The Simple Farm North- a cooler climate - while maintaining the current location in Scottsdale, AZ. as our business hub.