Suppers at The Simple Farm - 2016

Something happens when family, friends and even complete strangers gather together around the supper table.  Stories are told, simple pleasures of good food are shared, memories created, life is celebrated . . . just by gathering at the table. 


Starting a farm at 9080 in Scottsdale suburbia has been a lot of hard work. And, mixed in with that hard work it was also like being given a blank canvas to create and dream and watch beauty unfold while the purpose of The Simple Farm would one day be discovered.

We have discovered that part of our farm's purpose is . . .

to MAKE the most amazing Award Winning Sea Salt Bourbon Goat Milk Caramels - Shop here

to GROW (produce, flowers, herbs),

to COOK ( local chefs are invited to our farm toto the farm),

to CREATE (we have created garden space where our selected Artists teach how to create beauty in all forms - The Create Series) and

to GATHER (to gather our family, our friends, our volunteers, our community and the corporate around us and to join us at the table).

We know that the table has always been the inspiration and centerpiece for each garden space

that we have used those tables to gather - our family, our friends, our volunteers

and now . . . .you.


The Simple Farm and Kitchen West Supper Series

Our current Suppers at The Simple Farm collaboration is our - The Simple Farm & Kitchen West Supper Series - which is limited to 16 farm guests. These suppers take place on Friday evenings beginning at 6 p.m.  For more information or reservations contact The Scottsdale Resort Kitchen West at 480.596.7525

The 2016/17 Farm to Kitchen West Supper Series Schedule:

  • Nov. 18, The Simple Farm – Go HERE to see pictures of the evening.
  • Family Thanksgiving Celebration Brunch at The Scottsdale Resort - details here.
  • Dec. 16, The Simple Farm - SOLD OUT