We'd love you to try our caramels. New locations are continually being added across the Phoenix Valley and in other AZ cities.  HERE'S a list of Phoenix and AZ shops.  You can also order our award winning caramels online HERE and you can read all the reviews HERE.



In 2010, we started The Simple Farm as a way to grow a bit of food - some for ourselves and some for others but when we brought our beautiful Nubian dairy goats home, things changed. The Simple Farm became a little goat dairy and confectionery in Scottsdale suburbia.

Having extra milk, we started looking for ways to create value-added products from our goat's rich, creamy milk and it was a toss up between fudge or caramels. Caramels won out and we are proud that our original Sea Salt bourbon vanilla caramel won a Good Food Award as finalists in 2014.

What makes our caramels so good? Read this!