visiting our farm

The Simple Farm - 9080 E. Cactus Rd. Scottsdale, AZ opened its gates to the public the week of Thanksgiving, 2010.  Our farm store was finally ready and so were we - to have our customers experience the beauty of our farm as we grow.

We are open to the public for our market on Thursdays from 9:00 am - NOON and for right now Saturdays from 8 - 11:30 am.  We encourage everyone to subscribe to our blog for changes, classes, public events, and all sorts of goat stories and recipes.

PRESENTLY - our market is NOT our regular one....but an honor system market until a tbd date in September (2012).  READ this for what WE ARE doing.....

We are closed other days unless specifically announced through a post update, facebook or twitter.

Do wear appropriate shoes - closed toed shoes are best but especially do not wear high heels.  If you've recently visited another farm wear different shoes to our farm than what you wore to that farm - so that the 'other farm bacteria' won't infiltrate our farm 'bacteria'.  This is an expected courtesy between farmers.

Our livestock are valuable to us and we practice bio security measures to protect them from the threat of outside diseases that live in the dirt. You will be asked to either step into a shallow sanitization bath near the goat yard and chicken yards or have the bottom of your shoes sprayed with our sanitizing solution.

Just before the wood fence and you'll see designated parking spaces to your right. 

Dogs and Pets
Please do NOT bring your dog/dogs or other animals to our farm. We take bio-security measures to prevent cross contamination AND our goats are afraid of your dog.

Please don't go into our animal yards unless we are with you. We've had our does escape because of an unlatched gate. Also, please don't feed our animals. We take great care in providing them with a special diet fit for their needs.  We will provide a cookie or two for children to give one of the goats.

We love children and believe that the farm can be a wonderful, engaging and learning time for children, we only ask that you keep your children by your side at all times (don't let them wander off).

Please do not allow them to go into any garden area or open any gates without you.

Please instruct them to not pick any fruit, vegetables or flowers.

Since we are a working farm that means that we are NOT a totally accident proof farm and safety is our primary concern.  Should your child get injured, it's your responsibility - NOT the farms.

Ask Questions
Feel free to ask any question and we'll do our best to answer it. There are no dumb questions at The Simple Farm.

Stay on the path.
Many of our pathways are defined and some are in the process of being marked. Please walk around carefully and stay on paths.  Plant roots and the soil need air to stay healthy and it's easy for them to 'get sick' when the soil is compacted from being stepped on.  Don't walk in the plant beds but stay on the path and teach your children to do the same.

Pick only what you're invited to pick.
Please bring your own water and snacks and remember that the farm's produce is our income. It might be tempting to help yourself to the food, flowers, and herbs you see, especially when it looks so plentiful, but keep in mind that just as you wouldn't help yourself at your local Safeway, you wouldn't do that here. Please be a good guest and remind your kids to do the same.

Most likely there will be an opportunity to purchase produce, herbs, flowers or eggs after your visit.

When you leave
We hope your visit to The Simple Farm will awaken the "inner farmer" in you and inspire you to be creative in your own yard with God's awesome creation.