I Wrote This A Few Years Ago: The Best Mother in Love a Girl Could Have

Today, my mother in love is in the hospital, she had a heart attack last week and today we are just waiting and praying that God would do a miracle only He can do in sustaining her life. We'd love a lot more years with this precious gift. 

Would you be so kind and pray with Michael and I and the family. Those of you who have met her know the jewel she is. 

Mother-in-laws sometimes don't make it into the mother-in-love relationship department , but mine did.

In the beginning of my marriage to her son, we had some rocky years of learning who each other was and who each other wasn't.

It wasn't until we worked through some good relationship speed bumps of acceptance, understanding and forgiveness that love - sweet love started to knit my heart to hers and hers to mine.

Today, I would truly give my life for this woman.

A few weeks ago, I told her that I wanted for our home to be on the "top of her list" as the place to come to - should she need to shift gears and not live alone anymore. It's not because she comes for little visits, is this huge help by tenderly waters the garden and helping nail together old vintage fences - but it's because I love her deeply, want her to feel wanted and cared for - not because of what she can or can't do, but because of who she is.

And, because it's a good, honoring thing to do and because I love God.