Pickling - A Hands On Sunday Afternoon Workshop - August 25th 3 -5 pm

This Pickling class is sold out.

New class date: Sunday, September 8th 3-5 pm    Register HERE.

Simple Inspiration Gardening Classes {see the schedule here} at the farm have been happening all month. Kari Spencer has been inspiring many of you who have decided to grow some of your own food.  She's been teaching at all sorts of levels and I know she's been answering all kinds of questions.

Now it's time for our classes and workshops for The Simple Home - Reclaiming The Home Arts 

The first workshop will be at the farm on August 25th from 3-5 pm at the farm patio.  This class is all about pickling!!!! Did you know pickling is the latest retro-cool food trend?  Did you know you can pickle just about anything? Cucumbers, radishes, beets, carrots, corn, okra, peppers....well, pretty much any vegetable can be pickled. 

Kari Spencer is excited to share the art and science and her special techniques of pickling at the farm. What I have discovered about Kari is that she's a big fan in using age-old techniques and giving them a modern twist. 

In this class she will go over supplies, types of brines, tips for pickling all sorts of foods, and more useful bits of knowledge that will bring your at-home pickling skills to the next level. For the novice canner, the seasoned pickler in need of a refresher or maybe you just need to come hang out with super cool people.....at the farm on a Sunday afternoon.  Workshop is limited to 10. 

DATE: 8/25
TIME: 3 - 5 pm
PLACE: The Simple Farm - Farm Patio
COST: $25 - Advanced Registration - This Class Closed. 
(includes supplies and you will take your own jar of pickled goodness home!)
Limited to 10.