Buy Your Vegetable Plants at Our Farm - Plant Your Garden Now

We want to encourage and educate everyone on how to grow a garden - and feel good about it. One thing that's important is to begin your garden with happy soil and happy seeds or happy starts - also known as your vegetable or herb plants. 

Vilardi Gardens is partnering with us by bringing and setting up their beautiful, happy and locally grown starts (vegetable and herb plants) to our farm. 

This Thursday our farm closes until sometime in October HOWEVER 
because we so want everyone to grow food - we're setting up a Garden Market and 
for your convenience you can do your garden shopping on 
Thursday mornings from 8:30 until noon, 
Friday afternoons from 4-5:30 pm and 
Sunday mornings from 8 until 9:30 am.

All these beautiful vegetables and herbs are set up in our French Cafe and will be happy planted now. This season of gardening is like a double dip - Tomatoes, peppers, squash, okra, eggplant and more.

The next season will be just as delicious - chards, kale, spinach and lovely lettuces. 
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