Beautiful, Delicious Starts To Plant Now

We just started carrying Vilardi Gardens vegetable and herb starts at our farm and they are starts well loved and cared for by Suzanne, the proprietor of Vilardi Gardens. We're quite excited about the new relationship with her.

So, this is what's available now - and since it's available now - that means you can plant it now - but if you're not sure about the how-the what - or anything else - then sign up for one of these two Simple Inspirations - so you can feel confident.

All these happy/healthy/organic pots are $3 or 4 for $10. Stop by our farm Thursday to pick up your garden starts.

Holy Basil
and just about every other kind of basil you can think of....

Black Beauty
Lunga Violetta
Ping Tung

Punta Banda

Malibar Spinach
Burgundy Okra
Winter squash
Summer squash
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