Organic - Non Gmo Corn and Watermelon on the Market Le' Menu

How much better can it get with organic corn from non gmo (genetically modified) seed AND watermelon.

Last week I ordered (from Frank at Crooked Sky Farms) 125 ears of corn. Uh, they were gone in a flash. We actually forgot to take a few for our little family.  And, now this week - watermelon is added to our Market Le'Menu.

Seriously, I think corn and watermelon (happy corn and watermelon) are sufficient to eat all day. Well, peaches and apples too.

Which - Michael and I picked a ton of our Anna apples.

I love this man. He's one of the hardest working 60 year olds and every day I
thank God that I get to be with him and do this farm with him.