Potato Soup - Comfort Food

I was just talking to my mom about
her potato soup. It's delicious. I love it.

This evening I noticed that a friend of mine
made a pot of potato soup for her family
dinner.  It's the season for soup like this -
makes great comfort food.

We have wonderful yukon gold
potatoes at the market and they make
fabulous soup.  .

Here's Mom's recipe: 
Peel and cube about 4 to 5 potatoes. I actually add 3 more.
Chop a whole onion and several celery sticks. It's up to you how much.
I add crushed garlic.
Saute this mixture.
Then add the vegee mixture, the potatoes in your big pot and cover it with 32 oz (or more) of chicken broth. I like Trader Joe's if I don't have my own on hand.

Then add (gulp) 1 stick of butter and one cup of sour cream.

It's rich and it's wonderful.
Then thicken the soup with about 3 T. corn starch mixed with 1/2 cup of milk.

Add fresh dill. I use dill liberally as I have fresh dill in my garden.
Heat and do not boil. "Mash" the cooked potatoes with a potato masher. DELICIOUS!
For an extra kick, chop finely jalapeno and add it to the soup. This made it more than wonderful.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Don't forget our Thursday market does not open until January 12th.
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