Farmer Frank and Last Saturday Market

During our farm's "in between" state of growing, seeding for spring and birthing babies, Michael and I are so incredibly thankful for Farmer Frank (of Crooked Sky Farms) and our opportunity to partner with him, his farm, his naturally grown vegetables and to compliment them with what we do have and can harvest.

I just filled buckets with the most be-a - u-ti-ful kale and chard EVER. . . from Frank's Farm.  If you are a "farm member" and have already taken advantage of our HSM feel free to shop today (Friday) up until 6 pm. We'll lock our market up then. Farmer/Chef Wendell (of Crow's Dairy) will be showing up soon with a ton of goat's milk and cheese.  In the freezer - Bread Maker Carol (of Grano de Vida) has left a ton of all your favorite breads.

The Last Saturday Market
We've been announcing as best as we can, but tomorrow - Saturday - January 26th is our LAST Saturday market. Not only will be closing the Saturday French Cafe' and Market but we will also be closing the farm to visitors. You can read here more about that.

The Thursday morning French Cafe and Market will continue from 8:30 until noon. Great stuff, shop local, support The Simple Farm!

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