Before I Forget . . .

. . .  our farmer's market resumes THIS Saturday, January 12th at 8:30 am. We're actually excited to see everyone. We've missed seeing your beautiful faces.

I got an email from Carol the other day. You remember her, right? Our famous farm bread maker who fills her baskets with things like cinnamon raisin bread, sprouted wheat, pita bread and ciabatta and all those other ridiculously amazing (and healthy) breads?  Well, she told me she's been working up some very fun breakfast sweet breads to bring. I won't tell you and spoil it - but THIS Saturday they'll be some fun sweet breads in the baskets.

Also, our gardens have lots of little starts popping up - not ready to harvest by any means, so we'll do something complimenting with Crooked Sky's organic produce. I know you don't mind - because you're still getting a wonderful selection of local and organic from someone you can trust.

Of course we'll have all Crow's Dairy GOAT cheese, milk - etc. And, of course - we'll have our irresistible salted caramels as well.  We do have goat milk soap from my friend in Gilbert and if I can make a spot of time before Thursday I am longing to make some jam or jelly.  We'll see.

See you Saturday!