Farmstead Creamy Buttery Goat Milk Caramels

Our granddaughter, Miriam's, goat picture....maybe we'll use part of this for our new labels. 

For at least a year, I've desired to use our girl's (aka Nubian goats) sweet goat milk to make caramel candy.

I shared here how the memory of those amazing salted caramels from France left such a sweet memory in my mind. . . kind of like comfort food on a cold, cloudy day.  That specific salted caramel candy taste was my inspiration for our Gourmet Goat - Salted Caramel (in a jar).

My next step was to begin to experiment in my test kitchen.  Somehow I needed to replicate that buttery, creamy salted caramel candy and use the milk from Lavender, Storm, Karrie and Nancy to do that.

For the past months, I've been experimenting and after much taste testing of my small hand made batches of caramel, I can honestly stand back, fold my arms and say, "I am pleased. . . I believe I've done it."

The best part is that our salted goat's milk caramels will be available at our market and when the packaging design is complete, we'll offer them online through our farm's Big Cartel and through Etsey.

Of course this is all perfect timing for the holiday and for gift giving!
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