it might not mean much to you . . .

If you've never owned goats or have had the wonderful opportunity to be around them, then you'd never know how precarious and obstinate and even fearful they can be at times - especially when they'r the newbies to the farm.

It takes some time for all goaty girls to acclimate to each other and for the queen and the second in command to let everyone else (the other girls) know exactly who is who and what is what.

In light of that - new girls also have to learn the ropes on the new farm's milking procedures. At times that is NOT fun - mainly because a fearful, curious, independent, obstinate (I'm going to have it my way kinda goat) makes the process (coming into the milk room in order) difficult  . . . and going back to the goat yard is often equally if not more difficult.

I hate tugging, pulling, pushing, dragging goats. It's just not right - but sometimes (you can ask my daughters) it's quite a hysterical trip.

Anyway, sweet Karrie has been the biggest morning and evening milking chore a chore. The poor girl is truly the sweetest thing ever - except when it's time to:
1. Leave the girl goat yard.
2. Leave her best friend Nancy
3. Go to the milk room
4. And, jump like a good girl on the milk stand
5. And then do the whole thing (again) but backwards.

This morning - I was hollering with delight. Did you hear me?  She was a good girl. A sweeter than pie girl. A love and a half.  If I didn't know better - I'd give her the whole container of animal cookies for being such a good girl.

know why. Right!?!