Friday - Tomato and Squash and Eggs and Cheese

We have the loveliest tomatoes and squash and we know that our regular market day isn't always the most convenient for some of you - and so because we want you to experience how lovely our produce is - and perhaps taste the best tomato in your whole life . . . 

. . . we've decided to invite you to stop by the farm today ONLY - and pick up a pound or two of tomatoes and squash and some eggs and farm bread at our market. 

There is a scale just under the market patio.
You weigh your own tomatoes - $5 a pound for the freshest and 'bestest' tomato ever and

you weigh your own delicious heirloom squash - $2 a pound . . .

eggs - $5.50 a dozen.

. . . write your name, what you're buying (for our records) and the price
on the pad of paper and leave your payment
and the slip of paper in the silver bucket in the refrigerator. 

Now, you know what goes so well with both tomatoes and squash, right?

Goat cheese! Of course. 

In the All Things Goat (black) refrigerator there is the 
your goat . . .cheese. . .from
the fabulous Crows Dairy.
All Goat prices are on the refrigerator.

We'll be at the farm today, putzing around and so we'll see you and say HI and if this is confusing holler and we'll come over.
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