100 Tastemakers - Phoenix New Times

When I got the email that told me I was voted as one 100 Phoenix Valley Tastemakers - people who are changing the culinary climate and impacting the valley . . . well, I was shocked. 

Who? Moi? 

I wondered how in the world a little suburban housewife who loved designer shoes now a farmer who loves designer seeds would be chose. 

I read the other Tastemakers and for sure knew that I didn't compare to their culinary skills or experience . . .

. . . but that being said, I felt incredibly honored and decided to rise to the task and complete the assignment.

I believe one of the greatest ways I can make a culinary change is to ~

A. Grow food with passion and talk to women and men 
about the value and necessity of restoring the home and the meal time table....
with good, real, home prepared food 
and the desperate need to slow life down enough to 
reclaim the power of that family time around that table where 
children are heard and loved and nurtured and parents are honored and respected.

B. Promote the Goat.
If you know me at all - it's true - I'm a Crazy Goat Lady. 
Rhonda Crow at Crow's Dairy in Buckeye calls us and the other women who love goats CGL.  
I think one day we'll have matching tee shirts or something. 

I love goats not only because of what they are - alkaline producing animals who give you such amazing life sustaining food that is easy to digest . . .and delicious to drink.

. . . but because they're animals who know their names, love to be loved 
and look to their owners for protection and care. Goats are people animals. 
They love to be around people. My GOAT interview is here.

With all this being said....you can read the rest of my story and the other wonderful Tastemakers 
at Phoenix New Times 100 Tastemakers.