Happy February - Busy Days

My how time flies! It's already February and like every other local area grower, we're busy getting our ground ready to seed for the new season. 

We're excited about the new season - the tomato starts in our green house look amazing as do the new cucumber varieties we're going to try.  Our royal burgundy beans are poking out of the soil as are okra and some new eggplant varieties, black beauty squash and a new mini - watermelon we're adding to our other melon favorites.

Changes have been taking place at the farm too. Michael's been "working the soil" where part of our new tomato garden will be, new raised beds and other ground being worked and amended.  

Finally, we're jumping in to our farm's share baskets aka CSA's. I know we've talked about it forever, but now we're ready to go for it.  We're starting off small - ten only - but as harvests increase, we'll open up our CSA membership to more families. I'll post details on that soon. 

Private spring events are being scheduled all in the midst of planning for our second season of babies at the farm - little goat babies. Both Storm and Lavender were bred at the same time which will be cause of some excitement soon.  If you haven't seen them yet, their getting huge. One more than the other, but you'll have to come see for yourself to know which one is VERY huge. 

Both girls are due March 8th. Marie is due the beginning of April and Ahni came into another heat so she'll be due the end of June. I'll post the shout out for those empty water bottles (no lids) soon. 

We're continuing to be in awe and thank God that we get to 'do this' and serve our community by being a small local farm in the neighborhood. Thank you for partnering with us. 

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