The Glorious Turnip

Turnips, which are low calorie and high nutritional value are often over looked at the market.  I can only remember buying turnips once when I made a soup stock. Sad, but true.  It's really only been since I started to grow them, that I began to realize their beauty and deliciousness.

The other week I made turkey soup and decided to roast some carrots and one of the turnips I'd just harvested. That turnip made all the difference in the world in that turkey soup. This week, we had a few vegetables left over from our Thursday French market and so I decided that I'd roast them all and serve them for our evening meal. Simply amazing, nutritious and delicious - especially those roasted turnips.

We've planted and are harvesting two kinds of turnips - the Shogoin and the Purple Globe and both are fabulous. You can eat turnips raw, put them in a salad, roast them as I've done and add them to soups. The turnips greens are just about the best part too. Saute them lightly in olive oil and garlic or add them to soup.