Jill's Jam

New friends are a gift but some are rare gifts - like Jill.  I met Jill {of Sweet Life Garden} last December when Michael and I and Mike and Anita spent a Sunday afternoon participating in the Arcadia Edible Garden Tour that Jill organizes.

The past two days Jill joined us at The Simple Farm for our Vintage Barn Sale.  I knew she made this killer peach jam from her organic peach trees and so I thought it'd be great to make this available at our market.  {She also makes these amazing cinnamon rolls with this scrumptious maple/coffee frosting.}

Jill is an incredibly kind, gracious and giving woman - and in that kindness she gave our family a jar of her peach jam and her peach marmalade.

The craziest thing happened tonight. This jar started staring at me. . . .

. . . and yes, I did.