Enhancing Your Life with Aromatic Herbs and Essential Oils

When I saw Anita's copy of Fragrant Herbal - I knew I needed a copy. It's one of those books that you linger through its pages with a second or third copy of tea or coffee. 

I was captured by such things as: Moroccan Mint Tea (we grow tons of different kinds of mint here at the farm) and Monastery Gardens . . . 'the eternal popularity of the cloistered garden reflects a widespread appreciation of secluded tranquility . . .'  

Who, today, is not longing for that peace - that sense of secluded tranquility?

 and the fennel pictured in a monastery in Germany (lately, I have been compelled to grow fennel).

The pages of descriptions and pictures and usages of culinary herbs caused me to slow down . . .basil, chervil, chives, dill, parsley, tarragon - (all are growing fresh here at the farm) with eggs (...our farm fresh eggs) and cheese (my husband's chevre').

Romantic Herbs & Oils . . . 'the unbidden smile . . . these scents are gentle and relaxing, as they generate a smile of well-being and openness; they are the light-floral and sweet-green scents . . . ' and the subsequent pictures of roses, peony, orange  blossoms all within a French garden.  

We have just planted our French garden at the farm - which I love showing to and describe what its beauty will look like as herbs and lettuces, peas and beans grow up and when we plant a pair of those delicate climbing English roses this month.

. . . a lovely book for a day when you just need to slow down because life is going by too fast.