Three Star Milkers

Yesterday Mady and Shawn and their wonderful mom, Kelly, paid the farm a visit. After the farm guests had their shoes sprayed (bio security measures) the first thing on the kids minds was (of course) to milk a goat.

So off we went . . . to the goat yard to let the kids meet the girls: Lavender, Cinnamon, Storm-y and Miss Marie.  While the kiddos brushed the girls down, I talked about the wonderful-ness of dairy goats.

Then . . off to the milk room for a quick "How To Milk A Goat" Lesson 101 by one of the farm's little helpers.  Hands were sanitized, gloves passed out (oops, the trainer forgot his) and all eyes focused on those teats in hope they'd accomplish the goal: milk a goat.

Cleaning Lavender's udder/teats with our teat wash. Very important.  Strip cup test next and then . . .

Great job to the O'Rourke Family! You all have earned your "I'm A Star Milker" certificate from The Simple Farm.